Voted Oakland & the East Bay's Best Cleaning Service '18,'19 & '20

Things get dirty. It's a fact of life. That doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to not living in the cleanest setting imaginable!

At Hella Clean, we like keeping tidy. We understand it's not only important to being productive and healthy, but it's also more attractive and aesthetically pleasing. No one likes heaps of mess lying about. Afterall a clean home is a happy home.

“I certainly can't find the extra hours in a day to keep a house as clean as Hella Clean's service makes mine. When you're strapped for time, this affordable, efficient service makes cleaning the last things on your mind.”

Amy Wagner

"Hella Clean is really as good as it gets. I am physically disabled and have a very difficult time cleaning my own home nowadays, but I am also a total neat/clean freak. Hella Clean does great every time.  Their rates are great, they do an excellent job every time. They are easy to communicate with and are so, so friendly. I look forward to the day they come. They also use non-toxic cleaning products which is great for me as I am scent sensitive. Five out of five stars, thank you guys so much."

                                           Mikaela C.

A Few Words about Us


"Hella Clean is consistent, efficient and affordable. They have the best rates I've encountered, always leave my place spotless, and are get the job done faster than any other service I've used. They're also really reliable - responsive when you need to make an appointment, and show up when they're supposed to (which is surprisingly not true of a lot of other services. Dennis takes just 60-90 minutes to get the job done and it's just consistently a really great job. Highly recommend!"

                                  Vanessa Chan

Meet Dennis and Alison.
Every one likes to keep a clean house, but, more and more, they can't find the time for it. Dennis and Alison wanted to do something about that – so they started a cleaning business to help homeowners keep their residences Hella Clean. 

Dennis and Alison are not strangers to hard work. They met in Costa Rica, Dennis' home country while Alison was working with a non-profit she started. Since getting married, they built and operate a private training facility in Uptown Oakland called Truve.